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With the increase in people’s consumption levels, a number of optical companies have introduced polarized sunglasses. When the polarized sunglasses were on the market, they were enthusiastically sought after by fashionistas, and the unpolarized sunglasses gradually became unattended. So, what is the difference between sunglasses polarized light and non-polarized light? How to distinguish polarized sunglasses?

The difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses is as follows:

Non-polarized sunglasses do not effectively block and filter polarized light that is harmful to the human body. In fact, polarized light is also called glare. It is the refracted light that is formed by the unevenness of the light or the surface of the water. This kind of light is harmful to the human eye. When they are directly exposed to the eyes, the eyes will feel fatigue and discomfort, and they will not be able to look at the objects for a long time, and the things will be blurred. Therefore, consumers wearing unpolarized sunglasses may have the above adverse reactions.

The most obvious difference between polarized replica ray bans wayfarer ii sunglasses and non-polarized sunglasses is that the former can effectively block the injection of harmful light to the human body, and the user will not suffer from visual fatigue and clear vision when wearing for a long time. Polarized sunglasses can do this because the lens is very special. After the polarized lens polarizes the incident light, it only allows the light in the same direction to be injected. This avoids the generation of glare and effectively eliminates it. Eye fatigue.

In addition to the difference in efficacy between polarized sunglasses and non-polarized sunglasses, they also have a price difference. On the customer’s web, non-polarized sunglasses are much cheaper than polarized sunglasses, and the price ranges from tens to hundreds, while the price of polarized sunglasses ranges from a few hundred to several thousand. The main purpose of buy ray bans wayfarer folding sunglasses is that people will not be harmed under certain circumstances, so ordinary people can buy ordinary sunglasses. However, if you are a driver in the driver or traffic police industry, it is best to buy polarized sunglasses, which can effectively avoid glare and reduce the chance of accidents.

These buy ray bans wayfarer mens sale reflect the fun and optimism of men, with frames and lenses as well as colored front and edges. These new sunglasses are made of different materials in order to highlight the youthful and energetic lifestyle of men. The front of the sunglasses is made of matt epoxy resin. The details of the frame are made of colored see-through acetate. The part of the temple is made of 3D tubular metal, and the part of the nose is made of stainless steel. It is unique and innovative.


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